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Getting Here

Day 3

Glen Cholm Cille

Throughout Ireland people associate Gleann Cholm Cille with the other world as The Fairies.

Sliabh liagh rises 600m above the Atlantic and its cliffs are among the highest sea cliffs in Europe. The view from its summit is most dramatic. There is a road to the top of Bunglass where there is an equally spectacular view.

Some two km from the highest point, are the ruins of Diseart  Aoidh Mhic Bhricne, the hermitage. A saint and contemporary of Saint ColmCille. Near the ruins there is a Holy Well. The water from the well is said to cure arthritis. People suffering from arthritis used to perform the Turas to the summit.

Story from the Irish Folklore  Commission 1930’s

There was an old man in Teelin and he had great faith and did the turas twice to the top of Sliabh Liag twice. He was about 100 years old at the time and had a problem with arthritis. He went a third time to the well and when he was finished praying he shook his stick at the alter and said. “Be the livin’, Aodh Mac Bricne ! If you don’t cure me this time, after me coming to you so often, I’ll never come near you again.

Walk 1

Challenging – All-day – Slieve League to Malin Beg 6-7hrs. 15km

Slieve League rises some 600m above the Atlantic. Its cliffs are reputed to be the highest marine cliffs in Europe and the views from the top are most dramatic. To get to the highest point you will cross the famous “One Man’s Pass”. 200m from the highest point, are the ruins of Disert (a place of pilgrim) is the hermitage of Aoidh Mac Brince, a saint and contempary of Saint Colmcille.

Walk 2

Moderate Hill Walk 4-5hrs.10km

Slieve League -Bunglass This walk will take the same route to the highest point and return to Bunglass viewing point.

Walk 3

Moderate Track / Road 3-4hrs.

Glen Head Glencolmcille

Glencolmcille is tucked into the rugged landscape of southwest Donegal.

It has been a symbol of hope and success to other emigration drained areas since the 1950’s. Glencolmcille is joy to visit at any time of year. Both shore and hill change dramatically with the seasons. Farming people settled here between 4,000 and 3,000 BC. From Archaeology to Boglands to folklore Glencolmcille has so much to offer.

Walk 4

The Pilgrimage in honour of the local patron saint is performed on 9th June.

This walk takes us to the place of Pilgrimage. Donegal has some of the most expansive untouched bogs in Europe. These bogs support insect, animal and plant life which is not found on more fertile land. Many of the boglands in the vicinity of Glencolmcille are now protected by law.

Easy Track/Road 2hrs (Flora & Fauna) or (Local History) 5km
Hill Walking Checklist

All participants on Challenging and Moderate Hill Walks (Walks 1&2) must have:

  • Hill Walking Boots, Wind / Rainproof Jacket and overtrousers
  • Carry a rucksack with spare clothing, food and a hot drink for the walk plus some spare food.
  • It is a good idea to carry spare high energy snacks, such as chocolate, glucose sweets or energy bars.
  • Water bottle and thermos flask.
  • Shorts, sunhat, sunscreen, sunglasses and midge cream for summer walking…

It is advisable to wear good walking footwear for Walks 3 & 4 and carry all of the above.